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eMeS Mateusz Siegert is carrying out a project titled “Implementation of innovative technology for welding of hard-to-weld materials using dedicated personalised devices that enable high repeatability and reduce thermal deformation” funded from the Regional Operational Programme of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship for 2014-2020.

Target: The aim of the project is to implement in the company a process innovation that is new on a national scale.

Project description.

The innovation implemented at eMeS Mateusz Siegert will consist in the introduction of innovative process technology involving a complete and fundamental change of the production process for welding of hard-to-weld materials. Various joining methods will be used in the production process (CMT – for different materials; CMT MultiPulse). The use of two joining methods will significantly reduce stresses and thermal deformations. Smoke and welding spatter will be reduced on the manufactured workpieces. The innovative process will accelerate the production of workpieces, while lowering the costs. The innovativeness of the solution lies in the use of dedicated and personalised devices together with a robotic station in the welding process.

Material scope of the project

This project will consist in acquiring a robotic station with equipment. Its parameters will be as follows: repeatability +/- 0.06 mm, reach 1445 mm, 6 axis of movement, workpiece detection, adaptive welding speed, dedicated welding devices.


Logo Unii EuropejskiejImplementation of the project will allow the company to achieve product and result indicators in 2020.

Product indicators:

Number of companies receiving support – target value – 1 company

Number of companies receiving grants – target value – 1 company

Number of companies supported in the area of eco-innovation – target value – 1 company

Private investments supplementing public support for companies – target value – PLN 169,840.00

Result indicators:

Number of introduced process innovations – target value – 1 pc.

Increase in employment in supported enterprises – target value – 1 EPC


Project Value: PLN 558 800,00 zł

Contribution of European Funds: PLN 388 960,00 zł